There is no one art style for Washington, D.C.-based artist Michelle Goldchain. Her themes—like her mediums—vary. From the political to the psychological to the eccentric, Michelle’s paintings, installations, and graphic design projects touch a myriad of topics, colors, and textures. Through her works, she dares to express her more playful side through vibrant colors and textures as well as her darker side through less pleasant themes, such as serial killers and cigarette usage.

Her artworks have been showcased in California's Museum of International Propaganda, New York's Rochester Contemporary Art Center and Grady Alexis Gallery, and Washington, D.C.'s Rhizome Gallery, Fondo Del Sol Visual Arts Center, and Pepco Edison Place Gallery.

To further express her love for how fun and fantastic the art world can be, she serves as a co-creator for the comedy YouTube show, Artsplained. Videos range from discussing art censorship to how one artist was able to argue that a urinal can be art.

Michelle also takes photography and writes.

To stay up-to-date on her art, be sure to follow her Facebook page or Instagram.

To contact her, email goldchainam@gmail.com